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Please read the below information before requesting a review (we advise you to read even if you’ve been reviewed by the Oracle in the past as some of our stuff has changed).

If you’ve read the below and just want to request a review, please click here.

What does The Bad Oracle review?

The Bad Oracle reviews small theater in the Baltimore metro area and immediate surrounding counties.

What is “small” theater?

The definition of small theater is flexible, but generally means that the stage or group is not “professional” in nature – usually not an equity stage and definitely not one with a huge marketing budget.  These are sometimes referred to as “independent”, “DIY” or “community” theaters (or may also be schools or learning institutions).  We will make a judgement call as to whether a group is within our parameters or not.

Is my stage/group too small for The Bad Oracle to review?

No.  Our reason for being is to shine light on the great things that are happening on stages or in groups that might not be well represented by other media outlets, so there is no such things as “too small”.

If my stage/group is reviewed once, does it guarantee a review of all subsequent work?

No.  Unfortunately, The Bad Oracle is a small, independent website.  We have to make hard decisions sometimes about what we will cover in any given month.  However, once we review you, you don’t have to request a review every time.  You’re on our radar and we will continue to check out what you’re doing.  If you have something that you think we really, really should see, send us a note.  Requests will always get first consideration for our monthly schedule.

Do we have to provide a free ticket for the reviewer?

Yeah.  It’s sort of the deal.  If we had to purchase tickets for everything we reviewed, we wouldn’t be able to afford to keep operating.  But if we agree to come out and review and you provide a ticket, we’ll be there, and we’ll write the review in a timely fashion.  It’s a promise.

Can we request a specific reviewer?


Can we request that The Bad Oracle not review our stage/group/production?

Yes, of course.  If you don’t want us to be there, we won’t come.  This happens sometimes, for a variety of reasons, and that’s okay.  If you don’t see a stage or group in the list below, be aware that they may have asked us not to review.

If you review our production, are we then eligible to win a Baltimore United Local Stage and Hidden Independent Theater (B.U.L.S.H.I.T.) Award?

Yes!  If your production was reviewed by us, it is then in consideration for B.U.L.S.H.I.T. Awards.

Here is a list of the stages/groups we are currently reviewing (in no particular order):

Fells Point Corner Theatre
Stillpointe Theatre
Cohesion Theatre Company
The Interrobang Theatre Company
Baltimore Shakespeare Factory
Strand Theater Company
Howard Community College’s Art Collective
The Collaborative
Salem Players
Just Off Broadway
Heritage Players
New Old Theater
Open Space Arts
Towson University Center for the Arts
Artistic Synergy of Baltimore
Submersive Productions
Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS)
The Oven Theatre Company

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