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Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberly – Something about Mary

Did theater panic at the invention of movies? Did it happen again with television? I feel like every other year (pandemic notwithstanding) there are a thousand overblown articles about what’s killing the stage. Netflix is never going to have the same language as theater, nor does film, and neither, unfortunately, does the “thilm” that occurs when you try to shoot

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Winter Haunts – The First Thing That Happens, Hamlet

BY THE BAD ORACLE Late winter isn’t exactly the right time for ghost stories, despite the uneasiness of transitional seasons, but Baltimore small theater is serving them up to largely good effect.  Lola B. Pierson’s The First Thing That Happens, with a limited run at the new Voxel (brainchild of Christopher Ashworth of theatrical software company Figure 53) is haunted

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