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Anonymous Safety Alerts – UPDATE

Update, as of 12/7: This morning, I disabled the Anonymous Safety Alert Report form. Thank you to all that contributed to this interim measure to foster better community accountability and to collect data. The scenarios presented will be collated (with names and identifying details removed) and that data will be given to the group that is now working on putting

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Kill the Wolf

I need to start this post by saying that I am so, so sorry. I am sorry that this took so long.  I am sorry that I brought TBO back to publish a review, and not to comment on this.  I am sorry that I’m willing to be a leader in our community when it’s about writing about theater and

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Psycho Beach Party – Kitschin’ Bitchin’

A REVIEW BY THE BAD ORACLE Some girls just want to have fun, and some girls just want to have fundamental, split (and potentially homicidal!) personalities.  At least, that’s the theory behind Stillpointe Theatre’s exuberant, irreverent, totally bonkers version of Charles Busch’s Psycho Beach Party, a wild mash-up of the 60’s beach party film genre and 70’s psychological thrillers with

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