Anonymous Safety Alerts – UPDATE

Update, as of 12/7:

This morning, I disabled the Anonymous Safety Alert Report form. Thank you to all that contributed to this interim measure to foster better community accountability and to collect data. The scenarios presented will be collated (with names and identifying details removed) and that data will be given to the group that is now working on putting policy and a recommended code of conduct into place for the Baltimore Small Theater community. They are comprised of trauma experts, victims advocates, activists, community leaders, and lawyers. I was part of the initial stages of that group, I am no longer directly involved. However, I support their amazing (thus far volunteer) efforts 100%. In the near future they will announce a new anonymous report form, one that will be connected to the code of conduct and have mechanisms for evaluation of reports and consequences for predators. Again, thank you to those who submitted this time around, people from our community and also other scenes, too. You are helping to make our city safer.

I want to say one thing more.

When I first set up the form, it was because I was getting messages through the Oracle email address and FB messenger detailing abuse in our community. And in message after message, I read that the survivors were TERRIFIED of retribution and backlash. They wanted, needed, to remain anonymous. My concern was of course that they WEREN’T anonymous through those channels, especially FB, their names were right there in the “sender” space. I thought, “What if I get hacked, what if I lose my phone, what if someone looks over my shoulder in a coffee shop?”. So I put up the form, so there WOULD be a way to submit truly anonymous reports, if individuals so desired. I pledged to use the information for data collection only. As angry as the reports have made me, I haven’t made the names/details in them public, and I won’t. BUT.

The survivors of abuse are looking around and they are seeing that they DO have backup in this community. People are banding together to say, “This is not okay.” They are forming groups, official and otherwise, they are watching out and SPEAKING out, they are making it clear that we won’t stand for this bullshit anymore. Our people are, for the most part, smart, compassionate, and resourceful. So what I’m seeing is victims becoming empowered, putting two and two together and realizing that they aren’t the only ones. Survivors are talking. Maybe they took it before, but they aren’t taking it now.

So if you are a person or company who got away with shit for awhile, who depended on the fact that people were too scared to say anything and too isolated to have each other’s backs, if you thought that the easily discredited, gaslit, and dismissed “whisper network” would be the only way to talk about sexual abuse and assault in our community forever, well.

You were wrong.

I’m still here. As always, like a bad penny, I turn up. And I’m not going anywhere.

I’ve had a lot of messages coming through, and it seems that there is a need to communicate information pertaining to public safety in our community but a fear of backlash and/or retribution. I have created a form for Anonymous Safety Alerts as a temporary measure. This anonymous reporting system enables members of the Baltimore small theater community to make a confidential report on individuals or incidents that are threats to personal or community safety. These reports are sent to The Bad Oracle, an independent theater review and monitoring website, for the purposes of data collection only. They will not be made public. These responses may be used to determine next steps in terms of creating policies around abuse and fostering accountability in the Baltimore small theater community. You do not need to leave your name or any identifying information.

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