Joy to Others While Fulfilling Self Joy – Anthony Lane Hinkle

Anthony Lane Hinkle (third from right, brocade jacket) with members of The Collaborative Theatre Co. at the 2016 B.U.L.S.H.I.T. Awards held on April 3rd, 2017.

My heart is beyond heavy today as I report the passing of one of our own:  Anthony Lane Hinkle.  Anthony was a founding member of The Collaborative Theatre and also Vice President of Fells Point Corner Theatre, both here in Baltimore city, and prior to that, of Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre and Stages Theatre Company.  A veteran of the craft, Anthony was an accomplished prop and costume designer, producer, stage manager and director.  His work, most recently on Death and the Maiden (Spotlighters), The 39 Steps (FPCT and The Collaborative), The Elephant Man (FPCT and The Collaborative), and Blackbird (FPCT) was highly critically acclaimed, by this site and many others.  Anthony was meticulous, exacting, and brilliant, particularly as a director.  His work will continue to set a high bar for small theater in this city for many years to come.

Beyond Anthony’s professional accomplishments, he was also dear to us here at The Bad Oracle (in fact, Death and Maiden was the very first show this blog reviewed, and Anthony was a major inspiration for TBO’s existence).  Anthony was a kind, gentle, humble spirit who also took absolutely no shit.  He was exceptionally independent, smart as fuck, and understood theater as an art form in a way I have seen in very few others. He fiercely loved and protected his own and I was so, so fucking lucky to call him a friend.  We are grieving here at TBO with Anthony’s husband, Steven, his family, friends, and with The Collaborative and FPCT, who have lost a force.

In honor of Anthony, The Bad Oracle’s annual Baltimore United Local Stage and Hidden Independent Theater (B.U.L.S.H.I.T.) Award for Best Direction (formerly the “Captain My Captain” Award) will be renamed the Anthony Lane Hinkle Memorial Award for Best Direction.

Here is a message from Anthony’s husband, Steven, posted on Facebook this morning:

Hello friends and colleagues of Anthony Lane Hinkle. It is with heart breaking sadness that I tell you all that my love, my friend, my husband Anthony, passed away on Tuesday, April 25th. His heart, which he gave to so many of us, betrayed him and he died. I don’t really care for this avenue of communicating this to you all, but I did want you all to know and there are so many of you that to tell you individually would be impossible for me. It is my plan to arrange two celebrations of Anthony’s life – The first in his birthplace of Harrisonburg, VA and the second in his adopted hometown if Baltimore, MD. I would love to share your memories of this amazing man with you when that time comes.

Many of you knew Anthony as a prolific note writer – post-it notes and scrap paper reminders everywhere. I will give you the last note I believe he wrote:

– Joy to others while fulfilling self joy

To the end, he derived his joy from bringing joy to others. I, for one, am going to try to honor him by bringing kindness and love back into a cynical and mean world. Will you join me?

Be kind to each other and Be Well.

— Anthony’s husband, Steven.

Joy to others while fulfilling self joy.

Our stages may be silent today, but tomorrow, though…tomorrow, we’re back at work building this community.  Because that is what you would have wanted.

We love you, Anthony.

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