Actors Need a Living (A.N.A.L.) Fund Announcement

The Bad Oracle is pleased to announce that the recipient of the Actors Need a Living (A.N.A.L) Fund support for 2016 is:


Submersive Productions receives A.N.A.L. in for their upcoming

Plunge: An Immersive Experience Lab

Plunge is a collaborative workshop, art installation, and performance which will pair five visual artists with five storytellers to create a set of deeply affecting, immersive one-­to­-one experiences for the audience. The workshop will culminate in a publicly viewable art installation and evening performances in February of 2017.  The project will include a diverse group of Baltimore artists, including Abby Becker, Alisa Brock, Sam Callanta, Zoe Charlton, Ashley Minner, Kevin Griffin Moreno, Cori Dioquino, Marie Claire Macadar and Mike Smith.

Submersive Productions was founded to create experiential artworks, devised from a combination of artistic disciplines, that have a profound and lasting impact on their audiences. They strive to activate unused, underused or unusual spaces in Baltimore, use local talent, and compensate artists for their work.

The Actors Need a Living (A.N.A.L.) Fund is one of our most important initiatives at The Bad Oracle. We strongly believe that the fund is a crucial part of our mission to support, respect and enrich the Baltimore small theater community – the people and places we love so much. The fund awards are limited to actor stipends because we believe in paying actors, even if it can only be a limited amount, for their work in the small theater scene.

The Bad Oracle is proud to support such fucking great work.

For more information on the Actors Need a Living Fund, please go here.

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