Lunchtime Poll Topic


Hi, guys.

As part of The Bad Oracle’s re-imagining process (look forward to a shiny new site and increased community group/event action v. soon!) we’re thinking about the features of the site that have kind of…gone away.  We want your feedback on those we may want to bring back (or let die a dignified death, as the case may be).  If you could take a second to answer the poll below, that would help us start to see what the people find most useful and/or interesting.


The Rat Report: A semi-regular feature rounding up news and reporting on happenings in the Baltimore small theater scene (example here).  Bullet list.

Actor Stealing the Spotlight (A.S.S.) of the Month: Monthly feature spotlighting a performance we found particularly great from the previous month (example here).  Interview style with the individual highlighted.

The Talking Head: A semi-regular feature with “movers and shakers” of the scene: could be administrators, technical team members, company managers (example here).  Interview style with the individual highlighted, short-form.

Designer’s Ingenious Creations (D.I.C.): Quarterly feature spotlighting a specific designer’s work.  Interview style with the individual highlighted (example here).


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