Special Report: Iron Crow 2016-2017 Season Announcement



Iron Crow knows how to throw a party.  On the ground floor of the swanky Fitzgerald apartment complex, a diverse collection of individuals assembled on February 6th for the Crow 2016-2017 Season Announcement shindig.  There were hot-pink frosted cupcakes, wine, a champagne toast, and a “What do you think our shows will be?” guessing game with little vignettes set up to pique our interest.  Some of them were dead obvious, others baffled.

Ann Turanio [Director of Education & Literature] started the afternoon by introducing the company’s new initiative, Queer: Broaden Your Definition, which aims to, duh, broaden the definition of the term “queer”.  A photographer was on hand to capture different expressions, portraits and stories, on the theme of “queer” from Baltimore citizens – that project isn’t quite ready to launch, so that’s all I’ll say about it here.

We mingled, we drank, we guessed.  Finally, Sean Elias [Iron Crow Theatre’s Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer] gathered us around a flat screen television as he read a PowerPoint [WE CAN READ] describing each show.  Elias went on to describe how this season came together, his “dark game play” inspiration behind the Season of Dark Play theme for 16-17.  The concept sounds cool and I’m hella on board.  It’ll be a challenge, for sure, after a year off.  Iron Crow is taking a large bite – I’m hopeful that they have the teeth to really chew into this boldly planned season.  It’s a fucking exciting time for Iron Crow, and I’m fucking excited for them.  They’ve taken time off to reflect and restructure, that thoughtfulness showed at this perfectly executed event.

Iron Crow’s 2016-2017 Season

Main Stage:

Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party

Suzan Lori-Parks’ Fucking A

Robert O’Hara’s Booty Candy

Second Stage:

A. Rey Pamatmat’s Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them

Madeline George’s The Zero Hour

and special “yearly event” Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show

Six reaaaaallly intriguing shows, all from one company.  Sheesh!  I wish Iron Crow all the best.  I’ll be there.  Fly, little birds, fly.

Read Sean Elias’ note on the season here.

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