The Rat Report


Standard Disclaimer:  I live and work in Baltimore.  So yeah, I know a  ton of the people I review.  Bias is real, it exists in me and everyone else – hence the BAD oracle. I don’t review shows with my actual relatives associated with them, but other than that all bets are off. What can I say?  You’ll have to deal with it, but here’s my promise:  I’m biased, but I ain’t stupid.  I’ve got a (useless, as it turned out) degree in this shit and I know good theater.   Small facts, though:  everyone who reviews theater in every town everywhere knows everyone onstage and off.  People are too nosy to have it be any other way.  Reviewers who deny it are lying 99.9% of the time.  Pissed about this?  Don’t read my reviews and we’re square.  I don’t use my real name here because I work at a job where people make a frowny face when I say “fuck” and I dearly love to say “fuck”- but it ain’t too hard to figure out who I am if you know what’s what.  I don’t care, just don’t get me fired, yeah?

Welcome to the RAT REPORT, a  reoccurring feature at The Bad Oracle.  This is where I round up, report, gossip, tattle and rat on what’s going on with the Baltimore small theater scene.   If you’ve got something you want me to include in a future RAT REPORT, e-mail me at subject RAT REPORT.

  • Everyone has already heard about this, but congrats to the scrappy scamps of  Annex, EMP Collective, Stillpointe Theatre, Acme Corporation, and Psychic Readings (and especially a ringleading Evan Moritz of Annex) for actually getting this Howard Street Theatre Incubator multiple storefront space thing off the ground.  With the money muscle of Teddy Rouse, the project was approved by BDC in late July which means it’s probs going to be a go.  Getcha some tax credits and bring this shiz to the West Side!
  • Iron Crow is currently in a whole flurry of a tizzy of updates including a new website, logo and Executive Director, Sean Elias.  Maybe getting all that action will shoot some Botox into those crow’s feet and rejuvenate things over there.
  • WTF is up with the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival?  It seems like every time I turn around another one of their productions is being cancelled.  Vagabond killed something called Mrs. Maslow’s Boarding House, a BPF project due to open on July 25, and then Spotlighters pulled the plug on In A Yellow Wood which was supposed to go up in August.  Disorganization?  Lack of interest?  Who knows.
  • Brad Norris and Alicia Stanley, two of the braniacs behind this spring’s excellent Edward II at Spotlighters, cooked up a new project, known as Cohesion Theatre Company, in late June.  Their official launch party is going to be on Friday, September 26th at Gallery 788 in Hampden, though I have yet to receive my invitation.  I may just crash it, Maleficent style .  From their Facebook page: We are a Baltimore based Theatre Company with a focus on immersive theatrical experiences, and collaboration with artists of all disciplines.  Sounds a little vague, but there’s clearly talent there.  I’m watching.
  • Glass Mind added a bunch of new company members (pictured above) to their ranks in early June:  Jessica Ruth Baker (Technical Director) Sam Hayder (Development Director), Jesse Herche (Production Manager), Kate Smith-Morse (Resident Stage Manager) and Ann Turiano (Literary Manager) all joined the team at once and had what I assume was a ritual swearing in involving the masks of comedy and tragedy, blood and Natty Boh.  Welcome home, guys.
  • Lotsa Season 2014-2015 announcements, here they are with the plays I’m looking forward to the most:  Vagabond [Interlock by Ira Levin], Iron Crow [The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard by Rich Espey], Fells Point Corner [Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield], Spotlighters [One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman adapted from the novel by Ken Kesey], Baltimore Rock Opera Society [The Electric Pharaoh by The BROS], Baltimore Shakespeare Factory [Comedy of Errors by WS], Glass Mind [Welcome to the White Room by Trish Harnetiaux].
  • AUDITIONS, KITTENS – BIGGGGGG AUDITION ALERT!  Baltimore Theatre Community Annual Auditions will be held on August 23rd and 25th at Center Stage.  Reps from Center Stage, Everyman Theatre, Single Carrot Theatre, Spotlighters, Children’s Theatre Association, Bay Theatre Co., Pumpkin Theatre, Glass Mind Theatre, and more are gonna be there, so it’s totes worth it.  Go here for info.  Spotlighters is still auditioning for The Rocky Horror Picture Show so if you’ve got a hankering to wear some sparkle shoes and experience massive boob sweat, get you to it this weekend, August 9th and 10th, go here.    They are also auditioning for The Man Who Came To Dinner on August 16th, go here.  Glass Mind is auditioning for Season 5 shows August 16th and 19th, go here.


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